March 3, 2015 – It is March! ..And that means next month is April.. And that means I’m getting so super close to kicking off wedding season 2015 next month! I am so honored to have 14 happy couples in my wedding line up thus far this year and as I’ve talked with each of them about their wedding day plans, my heart can’t help but start skipping beats! We’ve got some gorgeous weddings coming up yall..  And I’m so incredibly excited to witness so many wonderful people making their lives together ‘official’ in front of my camera this year.

I wanted to share with you my last Engagement session of 2014.  I got together with Courtney and TJ on an overcast fall day last November but I’ll tell you, the clouds overhead didn’t touch the sunshine beaming between this couple! They kept each other smilin’ ear to ear during our time together and the rain was even kind enough to hold out until the very last minute of our session.  Not even kidding!

You’ll see Courtney and TJ later this year after their June wedding at the Onley Place in Belvidere!  Can’t wait to share!


















Eastern NC Wedding Photographers 

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I’m almost certain, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, that you have seen these two lovely ladies before (here, here, and here!) and even a few times before these, back before my blog began.  I’ve had the honor of watching Alayna grow over the last 5 or 6 years and what an honor it is to have been able to document these special times for her gorgeous momma, Shanna.

Last fall we planned our usual fall session, but this one was far from the usual!  Shanna included her handsome boyfriend of two years in on the fun this time and the three of them had a campout!  We set up the sweetest little tent ever and Alayna incorporated a few of her favorite things into our shoot; painting and playing cards with Michael (and winning!), and we finished the night up with some s’mores over the campfire at dusk.

Oh how I love these images!

We’ve already got these gals on the calendar for fall 2015 and I can’t wait to plan the fun again!
























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I have been so excited to getting to share this sweet wedding of Chelsea and Ryan last year at Albemarle Plantation!!  Their day was simple and romantic and I was so in love with their natural color palate of grey and whites and textures of burlap and baby’s breathe..  Baby’s breathe, perhaps because Chelsea and Ryan would soon be welcoming a baby of their own into their lives!!! Chelsea was six months pregnant on the day of her wedding and she glowed more than I’ve ever seen a bride glow!  Brides, glow… but when you add that soon-to-be-momma glow to the mix, she was just out of this world…

I enjoyed their wedding so much and I’m so honored to have been a part of celebrating with them!  Can’t wait to meet baby Hunter soon, too :-D
































































































Venue and Catering: Albemarle Plantation

Floral Design: Planter’s Ridge, Hertford NC

Music: Club Violin

DJ: Taz 2 productions, Jerry Newell

Hair: Tina Midgett, Classic Hair Designs, Hertford



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February 11, 2015 – I had seen this fabulous photographers’s work float across facebook and the internet for a few years and was always a fan.. so when Jessica Kent contacted me to photograph her own family I was more than honored!  I met she and her family at their home in Wilson and photographed at some of their favorite locations nearby.

Her kids are so. stinkin. sweet.  And she and her husband John, are so. stinkin. sweet together, too!! I so very much enjoyed my time with them and I’m so glad I finally got a chance to meet this talented photographer.  I certainly look forward to getting together again sometime in the future!




















Wilson NC Photographer

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February 11, 2015 – This just reminded me how much I can’t wait for some warm weather!  I met Karen and Chip at the Outer Banks for their engagement session last fall and I had SO much fun with them.  Their playfulness had me grinnin’ from ear to ear the entire afternoon!

.. And I was seriously picking my jaw up out of the sand as I was photographing into that magical sunset light at the end… I mean, WOW!  It’s a rare occasion when light is that perfect.

Be prepared to see this couple again soon on their wedding day, April 25th!! Its right around the corner!!
















Outer Banks NC Engagement Photos

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February 11, 2015 – I’m one lucky photographer lady to have this photographer lady as a friend!  Not only did Christina Forbes and I connect as photographers, but we also have two girls that are a little over a month apart in age and love to play together.  So getting Bebe and Evie together for play dates over the last couple years and learning and growing together as photographers has been a blessing to my soul!

Last fall, Christina and I did a photo swap.  She took some photos of Jerry and I and our daughters Evie and Leila and I took some photos of her family.  The photos she took of us became some of our most treasured possessions when two weeks after our shoot, our Leila went to heaven.

Even as a photographer, I never knew the true value of a photo until we lost Leila and her brother Hudson last year. Photos truly mean everything.

I’m so, so thankful that Christina captured those moments for us and below is the result of my photos of her beautiful family!  Christina + Wes and their two girls Bebe and Kay.

Love these people with all my heart and I’m honored God gave me the gift of their friendship!

















Hertford NC Photographer


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February 9, 2015 – I love going back in time to blog weddings of the last season!  It gets my heart fluttering all over again remembering all the special little details from their day and remembering just how gorgeous everything was!  My favorite thing about Codie + Scott’s Windsor, NC last September wedding was their florals.  In a current wedding trend of all things pastel, Codie chose to step outside the box with brightly colored reds, yellows and oranges in her bouquets and arrangements!  I adore how it complemented the navy blue.  She topped off her color palette with natural wood textures which gave the whole day the feel of having walked through the meadow gathering everything natural and beautiful she could find to create her day.  SO perfect! And I’m so happy to share a sneak peak into their fabulous wedding day!






















































 Eastern NC Wedding Photographers

Reception Venue: Cashie Convention Center

Floral Design: Camden Street Designs, Windsor

DJ: AP Entertainment Services, Williamston

Catering: Captain Bobs, Hertford

Rentals: The Venue, Greenville

Dress: Carolina Bridal World, Smithfield

Dress Designer: Allure

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Bowtie: Melody of Cuteness, Etsy shop

Makeup: Melissa Smith of Dollface by Melissa

Hair and Cake: curated by friends of the family!

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I couldn’t think of a better day to blog this… the big fluffy snow flakes falling outside my window remind me so much of the most magical pillow fight that ever existed.. which happened right here in my home.. in the room next to my office where I sit now.. and where a 2″ deep layer of feathers are still piled over the span of the entire floor, a week post-pillow-war, because I haven’t quite figured out the best way to clean them up.

Luckily it’s just the guest room and it’s not being used on a regular basis so the feathers are fairly contained, but somehow remnants of what took place that day are making their way around my entire house as little floating, feathery reminders of the most epic pillow fight…. ever.

I’ve had this vision of a pillow fight photo shoot in my head for a long time: beautiful little girls, all dressed in their PJ’s, having a sweet little pillow fight in an empty white room, with happy little feathers floating all around!

I knew someday I’d bring this vision to fruition but up until recently I felt that with my daughter being 2 and 3ish years old, there would be a good chance she and her friends wouldn’t understand the point and would totally not want to play in this gigantic, itchy mess.

But this year my baby girl turned 4 on January 1, and although there was certainly still a chance that she would either totally get into it, or totally not get into it, I decided I was going to give it a try!  If it was a flop this year, well, I’ll try again when she turns 5 :-)

It was totally. not. a flop.

I invited all her closest little gal pals over for a birthday party and asked everyone to wear PJ’s… and expect feathers..  I just had no clue how much feathers.  Jerry found me two bed sized feather pillows at the Ollie’s in Elizabeth city and I sewed them into thirds and cut them down into 6 small feather filled pillows.

Did you know that the contents of two.. JUST TWO.. bed size feather pillows would leave a pile of feathers 2″ deep across an entire floor of a 11×12 bedroom?  I had no idea..

Well it did.  My vision came to life last Tuesday with Evie and her friends Bebe, Darci, Stella, Little Stella, Baby Hudson, and two big Sis’s that were HUGE helps in keeping the feathers flying: Sophia and Kayleigh.

OH did we have so much fun!  We were itching and coughing up feathers by the end of it but these girls had a blast!  I am so glad I was able to document this for them so they’ll always remember it and grow up to be little Mommas themselves and get to clean up a room full of feathers for their little girls too!

This experience totally wrecked my house.. but it was so immensely worth it!  I would clean this mess a thousand times over to see the smiles on these girls faces over and over!

But I reckon before I talk about future messes, I should get this one cleaned up first…


Biggest shout-out EVER to my fiance Jerry for supporting this messy endeavor and buying pillows for our girls (and helping clean up this mess!)
and to my friends Summer, Katie, Christina and Tina for donating little girls in PJ’s

..and to the drug store for selling Benadryl for some really itchy girls.


























 You can tell most of our littles had had their fill of feathers by this last photo.. all except Darci, in the front!

Feather Award of the year goes to Darci for holding strong and playing hard the whole time!!


Pillow Fight Photo Shoot

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January 19, 2015 – I love engagement sessions.. especially engagement sessions with such a happy couple .. and with such gorgeous hair!  I so can’t wait to get my camera in front of Kathryn’s fabulous red hair again at their April wedding!

I’m excited to introduce Kathryn + Chris as one of my happy 2015 couples!  We photographed their sweet Engagement session in one of my favorite spots in Hertford NC:

















Eastern NC Wedding Photographers


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January 17, 2014 – Michelle + Aaron celebrated their wedding day at the fabulous Signature at West Neck in Virginia Beach, VA on September 13th. This couple made me so proud :-)  Little did any of us know that we’d be faced with a monsoon at ceremony time that day and that I would be facing my rainiest ceremony ever!  The weather had been overcast but no rain all day.. until about 15 minutes before ceremony time… and then the bottom. fell. out.

The radar map on all our cell phones showed the rain over us as one teeny tiny storm cell that was passing over.  After that one passed, it looked as though we’d have about a 30 or 40 minute window before the next one moved through.. perfect time for a quick, dry ceremony!

So everyone waited patiently, with their towels in hand for the rain to stop and as soon as it did we headed out! Guests wiped their seats as quickly as they could and Michelle made her debut.. just in time for the rain to start falling AGAIN!  Not 10 minutes after it had ended.. At this point, we were all outside anyway so there was nothing to do except get married in the rain!

Yall.  I had to kick my shoes off and shoot the ceremony barefoot so I could walk through 3″ puddles of rain on the outskirts of the ceremony!  It was raining buckets..  

But we did it!  Aaron and Michelle said their vows in the rain but they sure didn’t let it rain on their parade :-)  They kept a smile on their face and mother nature was kind enough to keep the skies dry throughout our portrait time afterwards.

You know why they say it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day?  Because wet knots are harder to untie than dry knots.  Well, Aaron and Michelle have one wet knot and I know their love for each other will stay tied up for eternity!

Rainy or not, I’m so happy to have been a part of Michelle and Aaron’s wedding day :-)























































Signature at West Neck Wedding

Wedding Planner: Staci Jelley, Signature at West Neck

Catering: Signature at West Neck

Cake Designer: Sweet Temptations

DJ: Bobby of, Hey DJ

Dress shop: Maya Couture

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January 17, 2014 – The Flynn Family.  Just as gorgeous the second time around!  My all time favorite in-home-newborn session was of baby Elise in The Flynn’s new Chesapeake home in 2013.  That session also landed a feature on Lemonade and Lenses!

A year later in summer of 2014, I met with the Flynn’s again as they vacationed at the Outer Banks to photograph Baby Elise, celebrating her 1st birthday.  Amazing how time flies!












 Outer Banks NC Photographers

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January 17, 2015 - I’m going back in time today because after Janie + Marshall’s wedding day in August, fall.. happened.. and it happens the same every year.  Weddings and portraits start coming at me so fast that there’s no time for anything outside of shooting and delivering images… blogging always takes a back-burner.  And then winter comes and I get to relax a little on the shooting and get to catch up on blogging some of my favorite events from fall!  So here we are in January and I’m picking up where my blogging left off with Janie + Marshall’s August 16th wedding:

There is always something amazing that sticks out to me at every wedding that leaves me saying at the end of the day “that was the best (fill in the blank) I’ve ever seen at a wedding!”  And I remember exactly what that amazing thing was for Janie + Marshall’s wedding – Their vows.  Their vows were the sweetest, most laughable, most cryable, most sincere self written vows I’ve ever heard.  It was so refreshing to witness two people vowing themselves to one another with such honest words.. I’m so glad I was a part of witnessing that love!

Janie + Marhsall not only had the most sincere vows I’ve ever heard but they incorporated some of the most unique elements into their day as well. From the location of there ceremony under a gazebo at the end of a nature walk in Camden NC (same place I photographed their Elizabeth City NC Engagement Session! And while you’re at it, check out Janie’s Virginia Beach Bridal Session that ends with a swim in the ocean!) to their sun and moon wedding rings custom made by Paul Michael Design, to the books Janie had lining the walkway to their ceremony sharing hers and Marshall’s life and love stories, to both their Grandmothers taking the roll of Flower Ladies (instead of flower girls!) and so many other sweet elements in between!  The day was all. about. them.

I’m happy to share with you a little taste into Janie + Marshall’s beautiful wedding day!:














































Eastern NC Wedding Photographers: Melissa Stallings and Jerry

Custom Wedding Rings: Paul Michael Designs

Bouquets and Boutonnieres: Jeffrey’s Florist, Elizabeth City

Hair and Makeup: Kitty Lahart of Rock Paper Scissors Salon, Elizabeth City, NC

Caterer: Montero’s of Elizabeth City

Dress Shop: David’s Bridal

Singers, Jordan Winborne of “Upstart Gentlemen” and Mindy Cunningham of “Fourth and Twenty

Decor: DIY and Friends and Family

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